Class Schedule​​​​​

Beachfront Studio​​ on Keawakapu Beach 

Maui Yoga Path

Mana Kai Resort

2960 S. Kihei Road


Drop in $25
5 class pass $100
10 class pass $180
20 class pass $320

with Hawaii Drivers License
Drop in $20

5 classes $90
10 classes $160
20 classes $300

Cash, credit card 
No refunds on classes, privates, workshops
6-month expiration on class cards

 If raining 7:00 am Beach Class is inside studio.


7:00-8:00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni 
8:15-9:30am  Iyengar Yoga all levels  Deni 


7:00-8:00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Kristin 
8:15-9:30am  Stretch & Relax Kristin 
9:45-11:00am  Yoga & Movement Kristin 

7:00-8:00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni 
8:15-9:30am  Iyengar Yoga all levels  Deni  


00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Lani
am  Stretch & Relax  Kristin 
00am  Yoga & Movement  Kristin  

7:00-8:00am  Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni  
8:15-9:30am  Iyengar Yoga all levels  Deni  


7:00-8:00am  Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni  
8:15-9:30am  Iyengar Yoga all levels  Deni    


7:00-8:00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Lani
8:15-9:30am   Stretch & Relax Kristin 
9:45-11:00am  Yoga & Movement  Kristin    

Deni Roman is the best Iyengar yoga teacher I have ever encountered. She is thoughtful and caring, with great knowledge. Deni has the uncanny ability to step into a class of all skill levels and reach each individual in the class and improve their practice. She is great for beginners, people with injuries, as well as advanced students.  -Donna


Yoga on the beach in the morning" Wonderful!!! I love yoga, but this was my husband's first time and he really enjoyed it! The teacher was great, it was so unbelievably relaxing, felt very at peace! Nice to bring you back to the center and make you appreciate how beautiful Maui is! - Betty 

Class Card at Studio after Purchase

Come to join us at our beautiful beachfront studio, all ages and levels are welcome. No reservations are necessary. We provide yoga mats and props. Park in public parking lot, walk toward the ocean, we are located under the 5 Palms Restaurant. 

Sunrise Beach Yoga 
(outside on the lawn by the beach)
Connect with the beauty and sound of the ocean, sky, and earth. Slow, detailed instruction to align and balance in each asana, stretch, strengthen and connect the body, mind and breath.

Iyengar Yoga all levels
Students will learn basic actions in introductory asana with absolute safety. Slow, detailed instruction with an emphasis on body alignment. You will build strength, flexibility, balance and a sense of calm, clarity and well-being. The use of props makes this yoga accessible to everyone. 

Stretch & Relax
The first half of the class will focus on flexibility with slow detailed instruction supported with props. The second half is a series of supported poses that specifically target the nervous system to release stress with deep rest and relaxation. Learning to relax is a practice. 

Yoga & Movement  
A complete workout with movement for joint mobility/stability, yoga, weights, core, balancing, and energizing. A fun and joyful practice with a wide variety of music that is consistently to keep the body, mind and breath inspired.