Beachfront studio, beginners welcome, no reservations necessary, yoga mats and props provided.

Drop in $25
5 class pass $100
10 class pass $180
20 class pass $320

with Hawaii Drivers License
Drop in $20

5 classes $90
10 classes $160
20 classes $300

Cash, credit card 
No refunds on classes, privates, workshops
6-month expiration on class cards

Special Christmas and New Year Day classes with Deni.

If raining 7:00 am Sunrise Beach Class is inside studio.


7:00-8:00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni
8:15-9:15am  Beginner Iyengar Yoga  Deni
9:45-11:00am  Intermediate Iyengar Yoga  Deni

5:00-6:15pm   Sunset Gentle Yoga Kristin

7:00-8:00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni  
8:15-9:15am  Beginner Iyengar Yoga  Deni
9:45-11:00am  Yoga Movement  Deni

7:00-8:00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni
8:15-9:15am  Beginner Iyengar Yoga  Deni

9:45-11:00am Intermediate Iyengar Yoga  Deni
5:00-6:15pm  Sunset Gentle Yoga  Lani 

00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Lani
15am  Gentle Yoga  Kristin
00am  Yoga Movement  Kristin

7:00-8:00am  Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni 
8:15-9:15am  Beginner Iyengar Yoga  Deni  

9:45-11:00am  Intermediate Iyengar Yoga  Deni 

7:00-8:00am  Sunrise Beach Yoga  Deni  
8:15-9:30am   All Levels Iyengar Yoga  Deni  

7:00-8:00am   Sunrise Beach Yoga  Lani
8:15-9:15am   Gentle Yoga  Kristin 
9:45-11:00am  Yoga Movement  Kristin 

I just feel compelled to share with you how thankful and grateful I am for my health and for the practice of Iyengar Yoga. Walking into your studio last year has turned out to be one of the most profound days of my life. It has truly altered the course of my life. Amazing how life works sometimes. I just finished practicing Iyengar every day for a year and I my body has completely transformed. Not only am I completely out of the pain I was in, but I’m doing things with my body that I would never have ever thought possible. Just as importantly, this practice is now part of my soul. -Jon

Dear Deni, I am so grateful for the exquisite care and training you provided during my short, recent stay in Wailea.  My body continues to remember and practice some of the work you started. Strength, breathing, small moves with complete attention. I was Lucky to find and experience your deep background, direction, and talents. My husband remarked that if our time there, including your classes, was so good for my body, " then we should go more often!" I couldn't agree more. Hopefully, we can. Recalling your work often. -Lindy

Yoga on the beach in the morning" Wonderful!!! I love yoga, but this was my husband's first time and he really enjoyed it! The teacher was great, it was so unbelievably relaxing, felt very at peace! Nice to bring you back to the center and make you appreciate how beautiful Maui is! - BM 

"I wanted to thank you, Deni, for inspiring me to deepen my practice and go on an 
Iyengar teacher training course. You inspired me as you brought joy and freedom to Iyengar which in other classes I have not found." Thanks, Maria 

Purchase Classes

Sunrise Beach Yoga
Connect with the beauty and sound of the ocean,
sky, and earth, align the spine, stretch, strengthen and relax the body and mind in paradise. Beginners welcome.

Iyengar Yoga Beginner
This beginner class will provide a solid foundation in Iyengar yoga. Students will learn basic actions in introductory asana and develop strength, flexibility, awareness, and confidence. A great class for beginners, seniors and those who want to deepen their foundations. 

Iyengar Yoga Intermediate
Experienced in beginner foundations with refined detailed instruction, absolute safety with emphasis on body alignment that help to build strength, flexibility, balance and a sense of calm, clarity, well being and relaxation. Developing inversions and backbends as the transformational asanas.The use of props makes this yoga accessible to everyone. 

Gentle Yoga
This class will emphasize how to align, strengthen and stretch in a safe and balanced way with the intention of releasing physical tension and stress.

Yoga Movement
A mixture of a cardio workout using light weights combined with alignment based yoga postures. This class will help build strength, stamina, and flexibility.Let the music pump you up in this fun energy class.