I have been doing your Hatha Yoga and Yoga Core Conditioning CD recently and thinking about you. Of course, you stay “forever young” because of the CD but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time with you and your yoga classes. I listen to your words of wisdom at the beginning of the CD and try to live them. Aloha, Mary O’Donnell 

Hatha Yoga 

A 44-minute practice that will improve your flexibility, strength, and mobility of joints. The practice includes a restorative and relaxation session to calm the mind and nervous system. Precise clear slow instruction with emphasis on correct spinal alignment, balance, and breath.

Yoga Core Conditioning

A 50-minute routine that will improve your posture, build total body strength, flexibility and joint mobility. Through stretching, lightweight training and movement you will begin to maintain balance and find ease in the body.

Deni Roman Yoga DVD

Deni Roman DVD

Hatha Yoga & Yoga Core Conditioning

Available at studio or online