Workshop Testimonials

I recently attended a workshop at the Maui Yoga Path taught by Deni Roman on ‘aligning the pelvic girdle’. Deni is a certified Iyengar instructor and has been my teacher in Maui for 10 years when I am on vacation. I found the workshop very inspiring.  At age 72 I think I finally discovered my hips. Deni’s use of belts to tension the femur to engage the hip sockets and the use of a chair to strengthen the hip flexors and level the pelvis allowed the whole class to build strength and overcome balance issues. For me, it added a new dimension to my home practice. Thank you, Deni. - Mark 

I've been going to Deni's yoga classes and workshops for the last 6 years. She's the best Iyengar teacher I've ever worked with. She always gives individual support and helps me achieve any asanas I'm challenged with. I'd recommend her classes and workshops to anyone looking to seriously improve their yoga practice. Her beautiful studio overlooks the ocean and has mats, along with all the other props you could need. Thanks so much Deni! -Elizabeth

Deni's November workshop at the Maui Yoga Path once again helped me advance my practice. I have been taking classes and doing workshops with Deni for four years. Each year I look forward to her teachings knowing I will learn some new aspects of each asana. This time with Deni's carefully teaching and guidance, my headstand, sirsasana, improved.  My legs moved into position more gracefully and with control. Likewise, I learned to come down slowly with the same grace and ease.  Thank you, Deni, for your talented and through instruction. -Pat


Indepth Workshops
Sunday’s: 1:00-4:30pm

Deepen Personal Practice

Study a wide variety of foundational asana's

For all levels

February 4
Aligning Pelvic Girdle
Stabilizing, opening, freedom 

February 18
Aligning Shoulder Joint 
Stabalizing, opening, freedom

March 18
Balance Core Strength
Abdominals, back, limbs 

April 29
Flexibility of the limbs and spine

Weekend Workshop
May 25-27
Deepen Personal Practice
Calgary, AB Canada
Location: Calgary Canoe Club
For all levels